Five women.


The first disguised herself as a cult prostitute in order to seduce her father-in-law. The second was a common street hooker who harbored enemy fugitives in her home and then lied to the authorities about having committed a treasonous act. The third belonged to a culture that burned their children alive. The fourth was a newlywed when she had an affair with a man who later arranged to have her husband killed. And the fifth was a teenager who was engaged to be married but then became pregnant by someone else. Her fiancé agreed to marry her anyway so the baby would have a father, but planned to divorce her right after the wedding.

Characters in a trashy reality TV show?


These are the leading ladies in the lineage of Jesus. They say you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. But these women were hand-selected by God to bring forth His own Son to save humanity from our sin. While the “good” women in the family tree went largely nameless, these five are explicitly mentioned in the opening paragraphs of God’s New Testament to humankind.

I love that He weaves the most unlikely among us through His redemption tapestry.


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