I’m getting ready to embark on a rigorous writing project and have been using that as an excuse to do anything but write until the project “officially” begins in a couple of weeks. Mostly I’ve been hanging out with friends and family I haven’t seen in months and trying to recover from five years of living inside a pressure cooker. And this is somewhat embarrassing, but I’ve somehow become hooked on House Hunters International, which is ironic since not only do I not own a home, I really have no earthly prospect of purchasing one in the near {or distant for that matter} future. So in the meantime, I exercise my home-buying skills vicariously by telling people on the other side of the screen not to contract for that overpriced and sterile high rise apartment in Singapore, to shrewdly negotiate the key money for the cozy {euphemism for tiny} flat in Tokyo, and to take a few days to sleep on the romantic but sweaty notion of restoring the castle “fixer” {i.e., ruins} in the South of France. Such is the life of a houseless, unemployed lawyer.

But my lounging, leisurely lifestyle is about to change. I traveled across the nation to work on a project and it’s time to get to it.



2 thoughts on “Interim.

  1. Hmm…five years in the pressure cooker and you are taking a few weeks off to recover. Nope, I don’t think any guilt trips are in order here. Refresh yourself deeply before throwing yourself in to the new project.

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