Got light?

These are challenging days in America. Everything that can be shaken seems to be shaking and there are times when evil appears to have the upper hand.

Our inclination is to look helplessly to God to rescue us from the impending night. While the impulse to look up is proper, Jesus told us we are the light of the world. As long as light is out in the open, it will obliterate darkness simply by its presence.

Detractors would argue that the church has grown cold. That she has lost her fire.

I disagree. The church is hot, but her flame is not always obvious.

Jesus said people don’t light a candle only to cover it up. I think He was being optimistic.

He also said to let our light shine before others so they can see our good works. But these days we’re apt to be selective about where we let our light shine. After all, a shining light in a dark place is likely to be noticed and may even attract unwelcome attention. Let’s face it, Jesus was the Light of the world and look what the world did to Him.

But at the end of the darkest day, the Light prevailed. Always has. Always will.