Things done in secret.

20130315-001620.jpgToday Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion provider, was indicted on eight counts of murder – a woman and seven babies who survived their abortions only to have their spinal cords severed. The Grand Jury report details the condition of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic – cold steel tables, filthy instruments, blood stains and jars filled with tiny body parts – basically, an exam room at Dachau.

The city’s mayor of public health was concerned that the abortion industry not get a bad rap for this “unusual provider,” sayingThe way we deal with abortion is in secret and for many, it’s perceived as shameful and I’m sure many of the women felt they didn’t have other options….The message I want to get out is that reproductive health services in the city are safe. I don’t want this to change women’s views of the services.”

The problem is that in the realm of abortion clinics there is nothing that unusual about Dr. Gosnell’s practices. Sure, some facilities do a better job of sanitizing, but dismembering babies is always messy business. The raid on Dr. Gosnell’s clinic simply shed light on what happens four thousand times a day in virtually every city in America, including yours.

Abortions are not done in secret because of some social stigma, but because no one wants to account for the millions of bloodied victims – large and small – left in their wake. No one wants to account for the fragments of humanity left behind when a society exercises its “right to choose.”

It is unfathomable – and unconscionable – that we will spend over $2 trillion on federal entitlements this year, yet we still convince women they have no other recourse but to give themselves and their children over to a Dr. Gosnell.

How do you account for that?

The real dirty secret is that not all human life is counted equal. We weigh babies and other undesirables in the balance – and some are found wanting. What else can explain why we tolerate unspeakable violations of law and conscience, especially in certain neighborhoods, just so long as they remain hidden? Dr. Gosnell had numerous complaints filed against him, yet his years of “service” to a low-income community shielded him from scrutiny. And there are countless others like him.

After the Holocaust, the U.S. Army required Germans to walk through concentration camps to see the residue of the horrors that had occurred in their neighborhoods, under their noses, in secret. They protested that they did not know, but the truth was they could not not have known. They just chose not to know and therefore they did not see.

For over half a century, Americans have thought themselves morally superior to those Germans. But Germany has since been forced to acknowledge its Holocaust.

When will we own up to ours?


2 thoughts on “Things done in secret.

    • Yes – thanks for commenting. When we refuse recognize the truth and instead start with a lie as our basic premise, we will move heaven and earth to force everything – and everyone – to line up with the lie. That’s why Lincoln knew that slavery and freedom could not coexist, the nation would become “all one thing, or all the other”.

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