Poverty and glory.

“A Little Book on Poverty and Glory” may be small in size but it is overflowing with enormous ideas about how we connect with the lavish provision of God. Our inheritance in Christ is one of abundance, yet we throw up innumerable obstacles to embracing the glorious, fruitful life promised to us. This is not a book about worldly wealth, for or against. To limit richness to what we can see or touch is to completely miss the point. A prosperous believer is one whose spirit is big enough to receive all that God desires to give.

Contemporary Christianity tends to nurture the soul and neglect the spirit, leaving many lopsided believers in its wake. This book strengthens and enlarges the inner man, provoking the spirit to seek more of – and more from – God. More of His goodness and glory.

While “A Little Book of Poverty and Glory” could be read in one sitting, it is one of those rare books that is to be savored and practiced over a lifetime. Thank you Amy for writing it and I pray this profound jewel comes out of hiding.

by Amy McDonald Chapman, available here.


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